Christina Kathleen Cline was a single mother of three children. (Submitted)

A resolution may be close in the case of one of two people charged with first-degree murder in the death of Christina Kathleen Cline, whose body was found in Dartmouth's Shubie Park two years ago.

Cline, who is also known as Christine, was found dead in November 2011 along a trail in an area of Shubie Park known as Vivian's Way. The 27-year-old Dartmouth woman had been stabbed several times.

Almost a year after that gruesome discovery, Dustin Brian Hales and Victoria Ann Weir-Hales were charged with first-degree murder in Cline's death.

Hales is Cline's former common-law husband and friends said he is the father of Cline's children. Cline was a single mother of three children and lived in a duplex on Roleika Drive in Dartmouth.

Hales and Weir-Hales, who are married, were both committed to stand trial after a preliminary inquiry last summer.

On Wednesday, the lawyer for Weir-Hales and a Crown prosecutor met with a justice of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia for a resolution conference. The two lawyers emerged a short time later without saying anything.

The conference is scheduled to resume next month.

The Crown has applied for a publication ban on any evidence in Weir-Hales' case. The notice of the ban application states Weir-Hales is expected to enter a plea before the murder trial, which is scheduled for November 2014.

If the ban is granted, all evidence used in Weir-Hales' plea will be sealed until her husband's jury trial.

Hales and Weir-Hales are being held in the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Dartmouth, a short distance from where Cline's body was discovered.

After the pair were arrested, police divers searched a nearby lake and were seen recovering evidence from the bottom of the lake.