At least three children were injured Tuesday evening when a ride at the Western Nova Scotia Exhibition malfunctioned in Yarmouth.

Frank Anderson, the Manager of the Western Nova Scotia Exhibition in Yarmouth, says he was nearby when someone told him a ride had malfunctioned.

He raced over to the Scrambler where someone described the incident.

"I think that's what happened, it stopped, something let go," Anderson speculated. "She went forward and hit the bar that holds everybody in."

"When we got there, there was a young girl with her mother. She had a bruised head and she was crying. Someone called the ambulance."

'They're children, when something happens to a child, everyone is concerned.' —Frank Anderson

Workers at the fair moved temporary barriers so the ambulance could reach the scene. Meanwhile, Anderson said a nurse in the crowd took over and calmed the injured child.

"There was some bleeding and so forth, so she did what a nurse does. She calmed her down and stayed with the girl and her mother," he said. "I don't know her name, we're trying to find out her name."

Anderson said another boy and girl also went to the hospital with their families.

"They're children, when something happens to a child, everyone is concerned."

He said he spoke to the family of the little girl Wednesday morning, she was released from hospital after suffering from bumps and bruises.

"She's probably scared, anybody would be scared if something happened. Nobody likes accidents."

First accident in Exhibition history

While the Exhibition is still open, the Scrambler is now closed to the public. Wednesday, an investigator from the Department of Labour is expected to arrive in the community to try to determine what went wrong with the ride.

He said this is the first accident he's heard of at the Western N.S. Exhibition.

"I think I've been with them 40 years," Anderson said. "Never had one before."

The rides are owned by Maritime Midways and are contracted by the Exhibition. Anderson said they are inspected on a regular basis.

"We haven't had any problems with them whatsoever. We know that the equipment, before it comes onsite every year, or out on its route, is all inspected."

A statement from the Department of Labour said Midway rides are inspected by technical safety officers before each season, and rides are inspected by a licensed mechanic daily.

The Department said the investigator will examine the inspection logs and the ride as part of the investigation.