A controversial development proposal in central Halifax has cleared a hurdle at regional council despite opposition from the community and concerns from municipal staff.

Mythos Developments Ltd. wants to build a seven-storey, 75-unit residential building on the corner of North and Oxford streets.

"A couple more floors wouldn't hurt but I think it's too many to have seven," said Cecilia Fry, who lives next to the proposed development area.

To make room for the new building, the developer wants to tear down two existing buildings on the site — a duplex and Ardmore Hall, the former St. Theresa Convent.

The building will be approximately 26 metres tall, according to a report from Halifax Regional Municipality staff.

Cecilia Fry lives next to proposed central Halifax development

Cecilia Fry, who lives next to the proposed development area, believes a seven-storey building would be too tall for the neighbourhood. (CBC)

"It cuts off the light, it'll change things all together," said Fry.

"There's a lot of older retired people in there. They're probably all going to be put out. Where are they going to go?"

City staff had also recommended against letting the proposal go forward, saying the building's design is "inappropriate relative to its surroundings, specifically from a streetscape perspective."

The report said the proposed building is too big and doesn't match the integrity of the low-density residential neighbourhood.

They also took issue with a 1.5-metre wall the developer plans to put up around the project.

"It comes straight up, you know. It's just a big, massive building that covers the whole site without any relationship," said Coun. Jennifer Watts, who represents Peninsula North.

"We want the density, we want to really encourage development but it has to be done in a way that looks good and respects the existing context of where it is."

While regional council voted in favour of the development on Tuesday, it wants Mythos Developments Ltd. to hold public consultations and make changes to its proposal based on staff recommendations.