A proposed telecommunications tower for Lawrencetown, N.S., is being opposed by people who live in the area. ((Dick Whipple/Associated Press))

A group of people in the seaside community of Lawrencetown, N.S., are trying to stop Eastlink from putting up a telecommunications tower in the area.

The company has applied to put up a 76-metre tower on Leslie Road, near Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park. The company is waiting for approval from Industry Canada which governs all matters related to telecommunications.

Jimmy Inch, who lives less than one kilometre from the proposed tower site, started an online petition against the tower's construction.

"I know why they're putting it here — they have a great line of sight, coming over water," Inch told CBC News.

"It would be — all other things considered — a good spot to put a tower, technically."

Inch said more than 250 people have signed the online petition, largely because of concerns about how the tower might affect tourism and the view of the area's beaches.

"Nova Scotia markets our beaches and especially Lawrencetown Beach, because it's known internationally for surfing," he said.

Jamie Sommers, who also lives in the area, said the tower is not a natural fit with Lawrencetown.

"Everyday, someone drives by our property and parks at the guardrail and just stares at the view, whether it's back into the woods or it's over into the ocean," he said.

"They just like the view and to go and tarnish such a view with a cell phone tower, that just doesn't work."

A spokesperson for Eastlink said the company is aware of the opposition to its plans, but said it has also heard from others who want cellphone coverage in the area.

Darrell Joudrey, a planner with the Halifax Regional Municipality, said the only thing the municipal government can do is make a recommendation.

"I think it's interesting because it's a very tourism-rich area," he said. "I believe there's a bird habitat in the area. The locals are very concerned about the esthetics."

A public meeting on the matter will be held in Lawrencetown on Feb. 3.