The way services are delivered in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality could be radically altered if a task force’s recommendations are accepted.

The committee made up of citizens was struck three months ago by Mayor Cecil Clarke to determine whether the financially-struggling CBRM could spend its money more wisely.

"The structure of the CBRM must be reflective of the current citizenry, 2013, not 1995 and not 1980. Reorganization is a big part of that," said Keith Brown who chaired the task force.

Brown is one of Cape Breton University's vice-presidents said the group proposes changes to everything from fire and police services, to public works and staffing.

He said many municipal services haven’t changed since amalgamation in 1995. There are duplicate services and some resources are being spent on infrastructure no longer used by an aging population.

Clarke said ratepayers will need to get involved in the proposed changes.

"They have choices to make in terms of what is important to them and if they want to have jobs for their children and grandchildren, if they want to have opportunities for growth, then the status quo cannot continue," he said.

Brown says the task force didn't estimate how much money would be saved by the proposed restructuring, except that it would be in the millions.