When the wrecking ball starts its work on the former CBC building on Sackville Street in Halifax, it will encounter a cardboard cutout of CBC Radio host Don Connolly in his former studio.

It's a bit of a weird sendoff. But Connolly spent 40 years in the building, much of it hosting Information Morning out of Studio A.

"I am very attached to this building," said Connolly, as he toured the site for the last time.

Connolly came up with the idea of setting up the cardboard cutout after he heard that the building would be demolished. 

"I want the building to come down around me," he said.

If the weather doesn't interfere, demolition work on the building is set to start Monday.

Get an interactive look inside the building before the demolition.

The concrete building was built in the 1930s to house a car dealership, among other businesses.

It's expected to take about two months to tear down the concrete building, according to Gordon Laing, president of Southwest Properties, the developer for the condo building that will replace the structure. 

Former car dealership, future condos

After that, it will take another six months to excavate the parking lot and build the foundation for the new building.

"We're about eight months away from what the public would see as visible construction," said Laing.

The old structure has been stripped of all the material that could be recycled and is now just an empty shell.

"You know, it was a wonderful lively place — it's funny to see it like this," said Connolly.

"I think there's going to be a magic seeping into this ground." 

In total, 85 condo units will be in the new building.

Laing said they cost anywhere between $300,000 and $1 million. So far, 80 per cent of the units have been sold.

Panorama Sackville Street CBC Building

A panoramic view of the former CBC building on Sackville Street, gutted for demolition starting on March 21, 2016. (Jerry West/CBC)