Things are getting feisty at Argyle Fine Art in downtown Halifax as pet owners face off.

Cat Person Dog Person features about 80 pieces of art — from paintings and drawings to ceramics and felting —  mostly by Nova Scotian artists.

"It's a celebration of everybody's love for their pets, whether they be cats or dogs," said gallery owner Adriana Afford.

"It's brought lots of smiles to people so far."

The show has also brought out a long-standing rivalry.

"A couple times there's actually even clashes of dog people and cat people," said Afford. 

Anyone can get involved in the show by sending a tweet of their pet to Argyle Fine Art's Twitter account. It's just one of the ways viewers can interact with the exhibit.

On Saturday Feb. 15, there were dozens of dogs inside the gallery after Afford welcomed the public to bring in their pets to sit for ten-minute portrait sketches with Halifax-based artist Lindsay Hicks.

There were no cats, "which is good, because there would have been chaos," said Hicks. She said she's still taking requests through the gallery for custom pet drawings.

"It was a way to kind of break down some barriers with art," Afford said of the event.

Argyle Fine Art is collecting donations of pet food for local animal rescue groups. Cat Person Dog Person runs through March 4.