People living in the Antigonish, N.S., area will be keeping their eyes peeled on Saturday for envelopes stuffed with cash hidden throughout the town.

A total of 200 pink envelopes will be hidden within the town limits. Inside could be anywhere from $5 to $50.

The money is compliments of the Awesome Foundation, a worldwide initiative that gives out "micro-grants" each month for various projects.

Trustee Shawn Wilkie said they hope the people who find the money will use it for a good deed.

"We're going to go off and hide them in obvious places or not so obvious places in hopes that people find them and do something truly awesome for somebody that they maybe know or they don't know with the money that they find inside to try to pay it forward," he said.

Wilkie says the Awesome Foundation is also hoping to raise awareness of its work. Trustees with each community chapter donate the money and $1,000 is given away every month to a project that will give back to the community.

Other projects the Antigonish chapter has previously funded include the restoration of a town mural and community fun day.