Residents of Halifax and Cape Breton are being offered a financial incentive to retire their old, inefficient appliances.

Nova Scotia Power, the province's privately owned electric utility, announced Tuesday that it will pay $35 for old refrigerators and freezers and $10 for dehumidifiers. The utility will also pay contractors to pick up and recycle the appliances.

The Pull the Plug program will be offered between June 21 and August 21.

"The cleanest, cheapest kilowatt hour is the one that customers don’t use," said Alan Richardson, vice-president of customer service.

He said the appliance removals can be scheduled online or arranged through a toll-free number.

Nova Scotia Power has budgeted $1 million for the project and hopes to retire 3,000 appliances through the summer-long program. The money comes from an energy efficiency surcharge that is tacked onto customers' electricity bills.

"Helping some customers with this is just one way they can reap the benefit of that small monthly charge," said Barry Walker, who is leading the project.

But some customers say they are unmoved by the campaign.

"It still works good, why waste it," said Paul Pottie of his 20-year-old Kenmore freezer. "Why would I spend more money on something that works?"

With files from the Canadian Press.