A Halifax-area pest control company says there’s been a jump in the number of calls involving carpenter ants, an insect that drills into wood and can damage homes.

Ants are a problem in the city this time of year, but this season appears to be particularly bad. Stephen Taylor, with Target Pest Control, says ants are taking over some neighbourhoods.

"We're seeing repeat neighbours now; where before you'd do so many homes on a street, now you're doing much more," he says. "And I'm actually saying, ‘Oh, we were at that house the other day and now we're at this one.'"

Carpenter ants dig into wood and lay eggs. There are so many this year that Taylor says he’s on the go from 6 a.m. until night.

He suspects the hot, dry weather is to blame for the problem and warns carpenter ants are causing damage.

"We were in one [house] today and the structure of the home was damaged due to carpenter ants," he says.