A car that was hit by a Via Rail train on Friday became stuck on the tracks when a street light turned red, according to Moncton police.

RCMP Sgt. Todd Walsh said the weather also played a role in the crash.

“The reasons for the incident [Friday] were weather related, due to snow and ice on the ground and also to the fact that the persons that were in the vehicle involved in the accident were stopped at a red light and also with the amount of traffic in the Moncton area, before they could proceed the light had turned red and barriers for the train that usually come down had come down and they had no other choice at that point,” he said.

Two people escaped the car moments before a train hit it at St George Street near Church Street around 5 p.m.

A representative from Via Rail said incidents like this often happen when cars try to beat the train at rail crossings.

No one on the train reported injuries.