The Capital District Health Authority will no longer accept blood samples from Atlantic Blood Collection because of concerns for patient safety and blood quality, the health authority announced Friday. 

Capital Health said the move came after months of questions about the quality of the work. Samples collected before Friday will still be processed, but none after that date. 

The following clinics are affected:


  • Albro Lake Medical Clinic
  • Cole Harbour Family Medicine
  • Tacoma Family Medicine​
  • Woodlawn Medical Centre​
  • Waverley Road Pharmacy

Bedford/Sackville/Fall River

  • Bedford Basin Women’s Health Clinic​
  • Calian Medical Clinic, Sackville Superstore
  • Family Focus (Bedford)
  • Fall River Family Practice


  • Scotia Square Walk-in Clinic
  • Ravines Medical Clinic

"Our first priority is to ensure that blood samples are collected safely and to ensure the quality and integrity of every sample is protected at every step in the process," said Dr. Godfrey Heathcote of the Capital District Health Authority.

"In every instance where quality and patient safety issues are identified, the independent phlebotomist is provided with specific instructions on how to address identified concerns and given an opportunity to implement required changes."

Capital Health listed concerns that would lead it to break such a relationship. They include mislabelling samples, not collecting enough blood and not transporting it quickly enough to the lab.

People can still give blood at the St. Margaret's Bay Blood Collection and at the Bayers Road Blood Collection.