Burst pipes that leaked sea water into the engine of the Cape Rouge could be what caused the old fishing trawler to sink in the LaHave River in Bridgewater earlier this month, according to the Canadian Coast Guard.

The vessel, which was used on the television program Haven, has been raised and is now secure. The next step is to get on board, says Keith Laidlaw, a senior response officer with the Canadian Coast Guard.

Divers discovered the possible cause of the sinking, he said.

"Sea water getting into the pipes and freezing and then splitting the pipe we suspect is the cause," Laidlaw said.

Crews have installed hoses to pump water out of the Cape Rouge before a storm hits Monday that will bring rain and possibly snow.  

"The deckheads, the bulkheads, everything inside the vessel is covered with oil so we need to steam clean it from top to bottom," Laidlaw said.

There are vacuum trucks on site collecting the oily water. 

Now that the ship is upright, Laidlaw said it is no longer leaking oil. However, a containment boom will be kept around the vessel to ensure no more pollution spreads into the river.