A Dartmouth salvage firm is in Bridgewater trying to clean up after a leaking trawler in the LaHave River, but emergency crews still have no idea how much fuel is on board.

The Ryan Atlantic II, still called by its previous name The Cape Rouge, was a vessel used in the TV show Haven.

Authorities were called on Monday afternoon after someone noticed the 27-metre vessel was sinking by the stern. Within hours, the stern was under water and the bow was out of the water.

"How much leaked is impossible to tell, actually even how much is on board is impossible to tell," said Keith Laidlaw, a Canadian Coast Guard senior response officer.

"We've had reports from the owner of 1,000 gallons of diesel and 40 gallons of lube oils, up to 2,000 gallons of diesel. So somewhere in between there, we figure, is the amount we have on board."

A vacuum truck was brought in to suck up the fuel coming from the boat.

Laidlaw said the owner is responsible for cleanup, but since they haven't responded to the spill, the Canadian Coast Guard is stepping in. The organization said they'll try to recoup the costs.

“He has been notified. He does understand what is going on but he has not shown up,” said Laidlaw.

People have been gathering at the site to get a glimpse of the sinking vessel. 

Many worrying how oil in the water will affect wildlife.

“I don't like to see the oil. The oil gets in the water and then the birds and stuff get it and it can harm them a lot,” said Gary Hiltz.

“You got current going down the river here, so that's a big concern. Where you got a boom around that's holding [the oil] but you don't know how much it's going to hold back,” said Michael Slauenwhite.

At this point, the Coast Guard is not aware of any damage caused by the oil leak. How the boat sank remains a mystery.

The vessel was built in 1967. It was renamed in 2003.

In the television show Haven, which airs on the Showcase network, the Cape Rouge is a fishing boat owned by a character named Duke Crocker. Eric Balfour, who plays Duke Crocker, tweeted Monday: "Time for a new boat."