A woman in Cape Breton is turning a lot of heads this month as she sports a different fake moustache all day, every day to support Movember.

"My own moustache wasn't cutting it so I thought I could add to it," said Debbie MacRury.

MacRury is wearing the moustaches to draw even more attention to Movember, the awareness and fundraising campaign that supports research into prostate and testicular cancer. Movember also puts money into programs for men's mental health.

The movement began in Australia a decade ago and encourages men to grow moustaches throughout the month of November to raise money for the charity.

MacRury is doing the same with her fake moustaches.

"It's great because some people who aren't so shy will say, 'What do you have going on?' and I'll say, 'It's a moustache. Do you know why I'm wearing it?'" she said.

"Some may say they don't know, so I get that opportunity to educate them as to what I'm doing and that I'm not just completely crazy altogether."

She said it's a lighthearted way to bring attention to serious diseases. MacRury's father died of prostate cancer in 2011.

"It's maybe a little silly wearing a moustache, but hey — if that's all I have to do that's easy, that's an easy part of it. But it does get people talking about it," said MacRury.

MacRury wears the moustaches at the insurance agency where she works and out in the community.

"My friends and family think I'm a little out there, but anything to get attention and to get people talking about prostate cancer and men's health in general, I think is worthwhile," she said.

MacRury has a donation box set up at the Bean Bank Cafe on Charlotte Street in Sydney and all the money she raises will go to cancer research.