'Anything But Conservative' money goes to Cape Breton veterans groups

Cape Breton veterans groups will receive Anything But Conservative money left over from the federal election campaign to oust Stephen Harper.

Some of the money will help veterans in hospital with day trips and treats, veteran Ron Clarke says

Veteran Ron Clarke says money left over from Cape Breton's Anything but Conservative campaign will go to veterans groups. (Holly Conners/CBC)

Several Cape Breton veterans groups are about to receive money from the "Anything but Conservative" campaign.

The campaign, also known as "ABC", was formed for the federal election after the closing of the veterans affairs office in Sydney earlier this year. It encouraged people to vote against Stephen Harper.

The campaign raised $28,000 to cover costs, but has around $10,000 left over, said Ron Clarke, a veteran in Cape Breton who launched the area's campaign. 

That money will go to help veterans, including Northside General Hospital's veterans wing, he said. 

"The veterans who are in hospitals need to be looked after," Clarke said.

Anything from little presents, cookies and yummy sandwiches to bus trips to see music would help "make them feel that they are being remembered," Clarke said.

"It's a treat for them. It just makes it a lot better for them."

The veterans affairs office is supposed to open again in Sydney, according to the new Liberal government.

Clarke says he's encouraged by that, and has heard it may be a larger operation with support for families.


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