The campaign to lure Americans to Cape Breton continues to gain momentum.

The web site "Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins" is attracting international attention. By Friday afternoon, the site had 457,000 visits and tens of thousands of people are checking out the island's real estate.

Point2Homes, a real estate portal based in Saskatoon noticed a jump in the number of visits to Cape Breton real estate pages.

Jacquelyn Bauer, director of Point2Homes customer relations, said the average number of page visits usually hovers around 200 a day. 

"We noticed that after the web site went live, that they jumped to over 20,000 visits daily," she said, "and that trend is still holding. The majority of those visits are coming from the U.S."

Some visitors are doing a little more than browsing. 

"A couple of dozen potential home buyers have emailed agents," said Bauer.

She said the low Canadian dollar is also a selling point.

Bauer is not sure how significant the Trump page interest will be in the long run but nonetheless, she said, it is a trend that local real estate agents could take advantage of.