Search and Rescue 20130502

Cape Breton Search and Rescue is considering fundraising to build a centralized building to house its equipment. (The Canadian Press)

Members of Cape Breton Search and Rescue say a lack of storage options is costing them thousands of dollars a year in damaged equipment.

The group has three vehicles: a truck, bus and a command post. It also has a trailer and rescue gear such as batteries, flashlights and global positioning system units.

The equipment needs a home and the group is looking for a centralized facility where any member of the search and rescue team could access the equipment they need.

Over the winter, four of the tires on the command post rotted and it cost $3,000 to replace.

"If we were able to keep them inside, I feel that it would make a bigger difference on vehicle readiness as well as … the reduction of costs of what it takes us on a regular basis to replace things," said Sharon MacSween, the president of Cape Breton Search and Rescue.

Cape Breton Search and Rescue is hoping someone might donate a facility to store their vehicles and gear, said MacSween. Otherwise, they will look at fundraising to try and construct a building.

The organization gets $25,000 from the Cape Breton Regional Municipality and $3,000 from the province annually.