The mayor of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality says the provincial government is holding up the release of money for important road repair.

Cecil Clarke says the province has yet to approve its list of paving jobs.

He says many smaller streets and roads are having work done because the money comes from a different fund.

But the federal Build Canada fund requires money from the provincial and local governments.

"The CBRM was the first municipality in to the province with a full, comprehensive list. I'm hoping that the province will look at this and recognize, not only the need for road work that we have to do, but also the significance of the employment and the impact it has in a community because we do have people, that if they're not working here, will probably go out west or be without work — which creates its own problems as well," says Clarke.  

The federal government says it has released its one-third share of money under its Build Canada program.

Clarke says time is ticking away, saying the region is in danger of losing the paving season if the province does not approve its share of money soon.