Cape Breton RCMP warn of ‘snail mail’ scam

The RCMP are warning people about an old fashioned "snail mail" scam letter that has started to make the rounds.

RCMP say fraudsters recently tried to dupe a man in the Sydney area

The RCMP are warning people about an old fashioned "snail mail" scam letter that could soon arrive in their mailbox. 

A Sydney man recently received a letter postmarked from Malaysia. The letter said someone in Malaysia with the same last name as his had died.

The letter explains that the Sydney man is eligible to split an estate worth more than $5,000,000 with a Malaysian law firm.

Daniel Williams with the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre said the letter is a scam.

Williams predicts that if one local person received a letter, many more people in the area will be targeted.

"It's very unlikely that we will see 15 people in the same neighborhood get a letter you know within a few days but certainly over the course of time, everybody in the neighborhood will get it," he said. 

"These scams have been going on for years and they show no signs of letting up. They're still making money at doing it, and scammers are not giving up on a proven way of making money."

Williams said while many frauds now reach people online, some scammers believe a letter looks more legitimate.

"It's still much cheaper and easier to send out 100,000 emails at a time, but the mail is still coming through and unfortunately the scammers are still being successful. They are still connecting with the victims who they are still defrauding by mail."

The Sydney man who received the letter wasn't taken in by the scam.

Williams said Malaysia is the base for many recent scams.