A 77-year-old Cape Breton man battling cancer is fighting with the CBRM over a broken water line. 

The municipal water line near Clyde Hartling’s home broke and damaged his fence, allowing water to pour into his backyard and soak his basement.

The water also washed away Hartling's driveway and damaged his basement wall.

He wants the CBRM to pay for damages to his home.

The CBRM said it's not responsible for aging infrastructure. They would only agree to fix his furnace.

They said it was an act of God. 

"lt's good to hear God lives in District 6," said Ray Paruch, the CBRM District 6 Councillor.

Paruch said the CBRM should pay for an independent insurance adjuster to go into Hartling’s home and “ascertain whether or not there was any negligence on behalf of the CBRM.”

Hartling said his furnace and hot water tank were both underwater.

Currently he has no running water. 

“If they can fix one thing, they are as much as saying we are to blame,” said Hartling. “I think they should be responsible for the whole thing because I had nothing to do with it.”

Hartling is on a fixed income and he said he can't afford home insurance. He's been dealing with extra costs since he was first diagnosed with cancer

The CBRM said people should keep their home insurance updated to protect themselves from unforeseen circumstances.