The Cape Breton Regional Library is looking for someone who can tell a good tale.

The library is hiring a storyteller-in-residence, someone who can carry on the island's oral traditions.

It's a "live way of doing history," said Afra Kavanaugh, a member of the selection committee.

"It's really to introduce young people to the art of storytelling, to the joy of storytelling, and hopefully some of them will want to begin to research their own stories or the stories of others to tell at events."

The library claims this storyteller-in-residence position is the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada. The job is for two years.

Librarian Faye MacDougall said the storyteller will work with audiences of all ages, at a variety of library events.

Though the storyteller is free to make up tales, MacDougall hopes to hear real stories about Cape Bretoners too.

"It could be somebody maybe who has stories from their family or they're doing research and they've found some really interesting tidbits from the history of our island," she said.

The library plans to name its new storyteller-in-residence by mid-June.