The Cape Breton Food Hub has wrapped up its first season of local food deliveries.

The hub was formed last fall. It connects fresh food from local producers to Cape Bretoners. 

Through good and bad weather, the hub has collected products from more than 25 producers in Cape Breton and shipped it to 50 household customers in the municipality, and 10 restaurants.

"We had gross sales of over $38,000 for this year, which I think is tremendous," said Alicia Lake, co-ordinator.

"What that tells us is that puts over $30,000 in the pockets of local producers here in Cape Breton through the operations of the food hub and without that that money would have left our area, right? So I think that's extremely significant for our first year." 

But with all that success comes some lessons learns, Lake says.

"For example, we didn't know that people take so much vacation in the summer. So, every week not all of our customers order. So our intention is next year we'll probably double the number of customers that we have."

Customer Laurie Tynski says she's been spreading the word about the hub.

"My husband would say it's making me cook a little bit more," she said.