A man who lives in the Marion Bridge area in Cape Breton is asking people to stand up against plans for a proposed rock quarry in Huntington.

Longtime resident Bill O'Regan posted a notice in the local post office opposing an application by Dexter Construction Ltd. to operate a four-hectare quarry on the mountain.

Rock Quarry

Bill O'Regan is asking people to oppose plans for a rock quarry near Huntington Mountain in Cape Breton because of the threat it poses to water quality. (Google Maps)

"It's going to destroy all the brooks and streams with poisonous materials from the blasting and crushing of stone that will pollute the brooks and streams with silt," said O'Regan, adding that the mountain is the water source for his nearby farm.

He also expressed concern about impact on the "lucrative lobster and scallop industry" downstream in Mira Bay.

O'Regan said he already has support from fishermen, First Nations communities and many people on Facebook.

He said he is asking people to register their complaints with the Sydney office of the provincial Environment Department.