Natasha Burke-Morash is one of the customers who has been without electricity for an extended period of time. (CBC)

Nova Scotia Power crews continue to work to restore power in Cape Breton, where some customers have been in the dark since just after midnight on Sunday night. 

Currently about 100 homes are still without power.

Natasha Burke-Morash, who lives in Main-a-Dieu, is one of those customers who has been without electricity for an extended period of time.

"It's been disgusting actually because when you call Nova Scotia Power and you're looking for that hope of six o'clock restore time and then six o'clock comes and goes and it goes back again for another 12 hours. It's very discouraging," she said Friday.

Burke-Morash and her husband have moved into their summer camper, where they have propane tanks for cooking — but no running water or heat.

"You know I can see two days without power, the [Nova Scotia] Emergency Management Office tells everybody to be prepared for 48 hours, which we were, but now we're into day five and no reprieve in sight."

Burke-Morash said she understands it is mother nature, but the utility should be doing more regular maintenance. 

She does not blame the power crews.

"The area Main-a-Dieu is just decimated with power poles snapped in half and lines down and they're doing the best that they can but unfortunately they're the front-line ones and they're taking all the crap," Burke-Morash told CBC.

Nova Scotia Power estimates most customers should have their power back by Friday night. However, they warn there is still a small area  including Little Lorraine  that could be in the dark until Monday.