A man who lives near the area where a group was rescued from coyotes in Cape Breton on the weekend says the incident could have been prevented.

Fairy Hole, NS

Three campers and a dog had to be saved by the Coast Guard reserve on Friday night at about 10 p.m.

They said their tent was surrounded by coyotes in Fairy Hole, 40 kilometres northeast of Baddeck.

RCMP say the campers didn't have a flashlight, but they did have a cellphone, which they used to call for help.

Cpl. Andrew Joyce says the area is remote and inaccessible by all-terrain vehicles.

Within an hour, the rescue had begun.

"When there is wildlife involved, as you can imagine, they're very unpredictable," Joyce said Sunday.

Albert Bona was nearby that night, as it is an area that he has hiked several times.

He saw dozens of responders race to the scene, worried for the safety of the campers.

But Bona says the coyotes should not be blamed.

"This is way out of proportion. At that hour of the night, on a clear night, the echoing of two or three coyotes can sound like quite a few," Bona said.

"But the bottom line is that the area should be marked that it's not accessible, it's off-limits, and enter at your own risk, and so on and so forth. It's a complete waste of resources."

Every year responders rescue campers who are not prepared, he said.

The RCMP says the coyotes did not attack anyone on Friday night.