The medical director at the Cape Breton Cancer centre says they are in a crisis situation.

Dr. William Harless, medical director for the cancer centre, said the facility was already short one oncologist — and a second recently left.

The centre treats about 2,000 newly diagnosed patients a year — resulting in approximately 28,000 visits.

Fewer doctors mean a higher workload for the doctors that remain.

"We don’t want our physicians to burn out and leave and go elsewhere, we want them to stay here, we want them to be happy and we want the patients to get the best care," said Harless.

"We do pride ourselves on giving high-level care and want the province to recognize that and treat us accordingly."

In the last two weeks the centre has had to send 100 patients to Halifax for treatment.

Hareless said he's hopeful the current Department of Health will come through with additional funding.