A community group in Cape Breton says it will hold an emergency summit on the MV Miner next month to map out a plan to remove the derelict ship.

The bulk carrier has been grounded off Scatarie Island for more than a year. A New York based salvage company walked away from the project last month.

'It kind of feels like it’s up to us right now to keep it going and make sure the removal of the ship actually happens.' —Amanda MacDougall

The Main-à-Dieu Community Development Association said it will bring together politicians, experts and community representatives to come up with a plan to remove the wreck.

"There are some interested parties who are very experienced and who would like to get involved with the demolition and salvage of the MV Miner and so we just want to make sure and help facilitate proposals being put in and make sure all safety guidelines are met and that kind of thing," said Amanda MacDougall, who speaks for the association.

She said the group wants the government and the community to talk to each other.

"It kind of feels like the onus is on us right now to make sure this problem goes away. I know our local representatives have been so helpful and wonderful in bringing light to this issue, but it kind of feels like it’s up to us  right now to keep it going and make sure the removal of the ship actually happens," said MacDougall.

She said the association has heard from several companies interested in doing the salvage work. MacDougall said she hopes they will attend the summit.

The MV Miner was en route to Turkey in September of 2011 when the towline snapped in a storm and it ran aground.