A 44-year-old Nova Scotia man charged with assaulting a cab driver says he’s fighting cancer and for justice after a ride from the doctor’s office went wrong last Thursday.

Kevin Borden said the incident started when he scolded a Casino Taxi driver for taking the long route.

"No I’m not threatening you," Borden said to the cab driver. "I’m just going to let them know how much of a horrible cab driver you were."

He said the driver then said to him, "Well I’m going to let the other drivers know how much of a horrible passenger you are."

Borden said they then started arguing.

"He pulled me out of the car, he punched me.  I was able to get two punches in on him," he said.

Borden said he was only defending himself from the driver who was roughing him up. He said he's going to plead not guilty to the assault charge because he was acting in self defence

"I beat cancer. I’m not going to allow someone to beat me."

Borden hired another cab and went home, but moments later police were at his door to charge him with assault.

He’s accusing the police of racism, alleging police refused to listen or believe him because he’s African Nova Scotian.

"The police station experience was totally racism. To be told there's no possible way, you can’t make a statement.  You’re going to have to go to the courthouse."

Borden is pursuing a private prosecution to have assault charges laid against the cab driver, listed as Salam Jalhom.

Jalhom is scheduled to appear in court on July 29 to face the assault charge.

Casino Taxi said complaints are often filed against drivers but said Tuesday that Jalhom remains in good standing with the company. 

Borden said there were witnesses who saw the incident outside the Camp Hill hospital. He hopes they'll come forward.

As for his experience at the police station, Borden said he’s considering filing a complaint with the human rights commission.