Rush fans have waited more than a quarter of a century for the iconic Canadian band to return to Halifax — and now the wait is almost over.  

In a newsletter to fans on Tuesday, Rush announced they will return to Halifax this summer.  

A specific date for the concert has not been set and the venue has not been announced.

Rush last played Halifax in November of 1987 following a successful petition from local rock radio station Q104. The radio station's website says the petition got 24,000 signatures.

Before that 1987 concert, Rush hadn't played in Halifax for nearly a decade.  

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has made a few cameo appearances on the Nova Scotia-based television show the Trailer Park Boys.  

Last December it was announced the band — including lead singer Geddy Lee, guitarist Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart — would be inducted into the Cleveland-based Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.