Missing Bridesmaid's dress

A Halifax woman finally has her hands on a bridesmaid's dress she ordered from China last month. (Submitted by Jessica Lunn)

Finding a bridesmaid's dress can be stressful enough. For one Halifax woman, trying to track down a bridesmaid's dress she bought online turned into a postal nightmare.

Jessica Lunn ordered the dress from China last month, for a wedding on Friday. She said she stopped being able to track it two weeks ago when it got to Canada.

"I was panicking," Lunn said Tuesday, adding that if she didn't get the dress in time, she would have tried to find another dress and "hope to God that it was the same colour scheme."

She called Canada Post last week and created a service ticket number. Canada Post could not find the parcel and told her the package was redirected twice to incorrect addresses, she said.

Lunn got so desperate she turned to the internet for help tracking down her dress. She posted on Kijiji and Reddit — an online classifieds site and forum, respectively — in case the parcel was placed in a different mailbox.

"It was a huge shot in the dark," said Lunn. "It may have gone into a different box."

But that online plea didn't pan out.

'Various bar codes' may be to blame

She called Canada Post again on Tuesday and was told it was at the sorting facility on Almon Street in Halifax. The dress was delivered to her by on Tuesday afternoon.

Lunn says she's been getting parcels delivered to her workplace for years with no problem.

"It was the physical address, no PO box or anything," she said. "The workers that are on foot everyday have become so familiar with the names that it would've taken a day for my parcel to be given to me instead of a week."

Lunn also said a yellow sticker, placed on the parcel to redirect it to another address, covered her name and may have contributed to the delivery delay.

A Canada Post spokesperson said the delivery mix up is not related to the community mailboxes. They said the office where Lunn works has not switched to a community mail box but to a PO box.

"Being able to see under the yellow label would have been helpful — but the fact that there are various bar codes on this item may have also contributed to the delay," Anick Losier said in an email.

Losier said if any customer experiences an issue with the mail delivery system to let Canada Post know through customer services.