The public outcry continues over the planned demolition of the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club on the Esplanade in Sydney.

Rod Gale, who has started a Facebook page against the demolition, said the page has attracted more than 1,600 supporters in five days. He said many people feel not enough has been done to try to save the building.

"I saw all of this going on with the club and the controversy, et cetera, and it occurred to me that the citizens needed a voice, a place to vent, a place where we could speak together about saving the yacht club," said Gale.

The Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation, also known as ECBC, purchased the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club building and two hectares of land club.

The yacht club has said the 113-year-old building needs $2 million in renovations, and financial difficulties and declining membership left the club with little choice but to sell.

ECBC said tearing the club down will help support harbourfront development.

Gale is appealing to the Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation to explore other options with community groups or the private sector so the clubhouse can be saved.

He said the yacht club could have a number of uses.

"It could be used as a centerpiece for tourism development here in the Sydneys. It's a beautiful piece of historic architecture, and I believe that could be used," said Gale.

"Just to demolish it without thinking of the options for this building is ludicrous."

Two heritage groups in Sydney have also offered to help ECBC find other uses for the building. The Old Sydney Society and the Sydney Architectural Conservation Society have asked for a meeting with John Lynn, the head of ECBC.

Lynn is on sick leave from his job and is expected to be away for six weeks.