Sindy McGinn

Taken with a smartphone camera, this is one of the only shots Sindy McGinn has of her daughter and her boyfriend before the prom. (Sindy McGinn)

Two Dartmouth families are appealing for a thief to return the memory card of a stolen camera that holds irreplaceable photos shot at Halifax’s Public Gardens before the Prince Andrew High School prom night.

Sindy McGinn and Carla Chapman brought the camera to Dartmouth’s Celtic Corner pub after taking photos of McGinn’s daughter, Saxon, and Chapman’s son, Jordan, before the students’ big night out.

The mothers went to the pub for a bite to eat and brought the camera inside because of a nearby sign warning people not to leave valuables in parked vehicles.

The mothers say they didn’t realize the camera was missing until the next day. They called Celtic Corner, even reviewed security footage, but the camera has not turned up.

"It chips away at a little bit of your faith in humanity," McGinn says. "Someone actually picked this up, knowing it wasn’t theirs."

They checked pawn shops in Dartmouth, but still have not found it.

"The camera wouldn’t be worth a whole lot of money to resell," Chapman says. "We can replace that. We can’t replace the [memory] stick."

The families are urging anyone who has the memory card to drop it off at Celtic Corner.