Some taxi drivers in Halifax say they have to stop in the middle of the road if there are cars parked on either side. (CBC)

Taxi drivers in the city say a Halifax Regional Police officer is ticketing them for stopping for passengers in the middle of the road, which drivers say is unavoidable in their line of work.

Al DesLaurier, the president of the Halifax Taxi Drivers Owners Association, said a plainclothes officer has been "harassing" drivers and has issued at least two tickets for stopping in the middle of the road.

"The last taxi driver complained to me yesterday, this particular cop stopped and gave him a ticket for picking up double-parked," DesLaurier said Thursday.

"He asked the police, 'Well, where am I supposed to pick up my customers?' He says, 'You're supposed to bring them down to the curb at the end of the block.'"

DesLaurier said when there are cars parked on both sides of the road and there's nowhere to pull over, cabbies must stop in the middle of the road or drop passengers away from their destination.

"That's not exactly what a customer wants to hear from a taxi driver, 'You got to walk a block before I take you in,'" he said.

Halifax Regional Police declined to comment on the pair of tickets because they are before the courts.

DesLaurier said if taxi drivers continue to receive tickets for stopping in the middle of the road, they won't work nights in downtown Halifax.

"Let us do our job. We will take people away for you," he said.

"If you keep on harassing us, a driver is not going to pay a $100 ticket and then come down the next night and get another ticket. He won't do that. He just won't come downtown."