There are now nine cases of C. difficile at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. (CBC)

There has been another outbreak of C. difficile at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital in Sydney.

Three patients in the medical unit have been infected, bringing the total to nine people with the hospital-acquired infection, Clostridium difficile.

This is the second unit at the hospital to report the infections.There are three confirmed cases in the Intermediate Care unit since Dec. 22.

The Cape Breton District Health Authority Visitor has put visting restrictions in place in both units.

C. difficile is a bacteria which causes diarrhea and abdominal pain and is spread person to person. It is commonly found in the intestine, but infections can be life-threatening for those taking antibiotics or who have serious pre-existing health issues.

Last spring, an outbreak was declared when 49 patients across the district contracted C. difficile and bacteria was implicated in six hospital deaths.