Bullying reporting website

A system that allows parents and students to report bullying behaviour is now available through the province's anti-bullying website. (CBC)

A system that allows parents and students to report bullying behaviour in Nova Scotia schools is now available online.

Education Minister Karen Casey said the online reporting form allows parents and students to play an active role in making schools safer.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development met last month with 550 principals and administrators across the province to provide training on the form and get feedback.

As a result of those meetings, people reporting bullying or cyberbullying must include their name to ensure principals are able to follow-up when a complaint is received.

The form will also prompt users for more information, such as whether an incident is isolated or whether the bullying behaviour has been happening over a period of time. It can be accessed through an anti-bullying website set up by the province.

"We are always looking for ways to support students and their families in dealing with challenging situations," Agnes Greer, principal of Sir John A. Macdonald High School, said in a statement.

"This tool will complement existing supports we already have in place and give parents and students another avenue to bring their concerns forward. It will allow us to work together and assist young people in need."

The online form will be shut down during summer and at Christmas and March breaks when schools are closed.