A 15-second video posted to Instagram showed orientation-week leaders leading a pro-rape chant. (CBC)

The president of the faculty association at Saint Mary's University says he's aware of a single report of harassment by a professor towards a student over the pro-rape chant during frosh week.

Marc Lamoureux said there was one report of "bullying" by a professor, but no disciplinary action is being taken because no professor was named in the complaint. No specifics of the allegations were presented.

"I suspect that the bullying part is rather an intimidation, feeling intimidated in the classroom in the way the situation was presented," he said Friday.

Lamoureux said some professors have been tackling the issue of the pro-rape chant in the classroom. 

"We know that some faculty did use the classroom time to address the event that took place. Perhaps students were uncomfortable with the way it was presented in the classroom," he said. "There may be different understandings of what exactly is bullying."

Constructive approach needed

The chemistry professor said if the approach was to "lay blame and condemn," it could be intimidating to students.

"If they approach it in a more constructive way, explaining how the chant could be offensive and how the chant could hurt people, then I think that is not intimidating. I think it's part of our educational process," he said.