Bullies could be fined under a proposed Halifax bylaw. (iStock)

Halifax police could soon have the power to issue tickets for bullying, if a city councillor gets her way.

The idea was raised at a Halifax Police Commission meeting on Monday.

Coun. Linda Mosher said it’s time for the municipality to adopt an anti-bullying bylaw so police can issue tickets.

“Alberta and Saskatchewan currently have anti-bullying bylaws which can actually levy a fine to the allege [bully] or also someone witnessing it and I think it’s a great idea,” she said.

Fines in Halifax could range from a $100 up $2,000.

Both the federal and provincial governments have recently brought in new cyberbullying laws.

Mosher said she thinks the fines will make bullies think twice.

Halifax Police Chief Jean Michel Blais said given other recent changes, it's a good time to consider an anti-bullying bylaw for the municipality.

“We can look at three levels of government. The federal with regards to the Criminal Code, the province with regards the cyberscan unit and at the municipal level with regards to a bylaw. But we just have to see exactly what it is being proposed,” he said.

Once the idea has been studied it will be up to regional council to decide if it wants to adopt an anti-bullying bylaw.