Police in Nova Scotia say charges are unlikely after the driver of a car with Prince Edward Island plates collided with three oncoming motorcycles near Brookfield on Sunday, seriously injuring two drivers.

The driver told police she was trying to make a turn near Brookfield when she crashed.

Police say there was inadequate signage along the Pleasant Valley Road that may have contributed to the accident. The third motorcyclist suffered minor injuries. 

The crash has motorcycle clubs pleading with drivers to pay closer attention.

"Nine times [out of] 10 when we hear these things, you know, it's because someone didn't see the rider. They didn't see the motorcycle, never noticed it coming towards them and they pulled out,” said Ed Snow, motorcycle training manager for Safety Services Nova Scotia.

There have been fewer deaths on motorcycles this year compared to years past.

According to numbers from the province, there were eight fatalities in both 2011 and 2012. Last year saw 11 motorcycle driver fatalities. There's only been two so far in 2014.

There are 30,000 registered motorcycles on the road this year and the numbers are increasing. There are as many 5,000 new registered motorcyclists on the roads and highways each year.

Snow says as the hobby becomes more popular the driving public needs a reminder to pay attention.

"Signage brings us to mind,” he said. "They're not looking for motorcycles. If they don't ride a motorcycle it's not even in the forefront of their mind to look for a motorcycle. So signage is going to do that."

Motorcycle groups have been asking for more motorcycle safety signs. The province plans to get a dozen more signs up around the province before the summer is over.