Brindi's owner told to leave home

A woman left her home Thursday after being served notice three months ago that her East Chezzetcook Road home was not safe to live in.
Francesca Rogier, best known as the owner of Brindi the dog, left her home Thursday as it was deemed unsafe to live in. ((CBC))

A woman left her home Thursday after being served notice three months ago that her East Chezzetcook Road home was not safe to live in.

The woman is Francesca Rogier, the owner of Brindi the dog. The two spent a long time in the headlines fighting with Halifax Regional Municipality over the fate of Brindi, who bit another dog.

Rogier spent $40,000 in her battle to save Brindi from being euthanized, which she did successfully until Brindi bit another dog and was once more taken away from Rogier.

Rogier's home is a wooden house propped up by wood and steel beams.

By-Law officers served notice in November that the house was not safe to live in, but Rogier, who was a professor of architecture at the University of Kentucky, begged to differ.

"It doesn't look safe if you're not an architect or a structural engineer maybe," said Rogier. "I had two engineers review this and they said it was fine. They measured the distances between the supports. They looked at the steel, they looked at everything."

Last week, by-law officials got a tip from the public that she was still living there.

On Thursday they arrived to board up the house. Contractors and building officials were there and so was Rogier, inside the building.

The RCMP were called to make sure she'd leave.

"The concern now with her continuing to go into the house is her personal safety," said Theresa Rath, spokesperson for HRM. "It is not structurally sound, it is not habitable. Our goal was to get her out, which we did."

"It's very difficult. And I'm really tired of it. I'm really tired of the harassment," said Rogier.

By-law officers have been checking the home regularly since early August, conducting house inspections and progress checks and serving by-law orders. Thursday was their 20th visit in seven months.

"I think she's her own worst enemy," said neighbour Elizabeth Martin. "I feel she shouldn't be in that house, it's not fit to live in. I think all the stuff that's going on, it's a waste of taxpayers money."


  • Francesca Rogier left her home. She was not removed as previously stated.
    Oct 11, 2013 3:36 AM AT