Patricia Hurley

Patricia Hurley of Glace Bay doesn't understand why she had to wait so long for surgery on her brain aneurysm. (Gary Mansfield/CBC)

After months of anxious waiting, a 48-year-old Glace Bay woman with a brain aneurysm finally has an appointment for brain surgery. 

It took more than six months, but Patricia Hurley said she was relieved to get the call.

“I was literally shaking when I got the call that the surgery was booked. I was overwhelmed I did not know what to do with myself,” she said.

In January,  Hurley had dizzy spells, blurred vision, headaches and unbearable pain. Medical tests revealed she need brain surgery, quickly. In April Hurley said she was told the wait would be about two months.

As the time dragged on, she went to the media telling CBC about the long wait.

Hurley said she will be thinking of loved ones before she goes under the knife. She is raising her four-year-old grandson and volunteers at a local food bank.

“If things don't go well I could have a stroke or lose sight in my eye or both. I try not to think that way, but you have to think reality. Hope for the best but you have to think of the possibility of something happening too."

Still, she said there’s no other option.

“If they leave it, it could bust.”

Before she left for Halifax, Hurley dropped by the Glace Bay food bank to say goodbye to her staff.

“We are all very close together and if one is hurting we all hurt,” said co-worker Sandy McPherson.

Hurley's operation is on Thursday.