Brandon Wade was two years old when he was pinned between two cars in the parking lot of the West End Mall. ((CBC))

A Nova Scotia boy who was left permanently disabled after being involved in a car accident has been awarded more than $1.4 million by the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

Brandon Wade, 12, was pinned between two cars in the parking lot of the West End Mall in Halifax when he was two years old, which left him with permanent injuries.

On Sept. 7, 2000, Peter Wade — Brandon's father — placed his toddler in a stroller behind his car. Margaret Burrell, who was backing out of a nearby parking spot, backed the vehicle she was driving into Peter Wade's vehicle.

Brandon was pinned and crushed between his father's vehicle and a vehicle parked next to his father. He suffered a severe head injury and a lung contusion as a result of the accident, according to court documents.

"Brandon made significant gains after his release from hospital but more than ten years after the accident his conditions remains grim," said Associate Chief Justice Deborah K. Smith.

"A 2009 neuropsychological report indicates that Brandon requires constant supervision and cannot be left alone for more than a few minutes at a time.… Brandon has extremely weak daily living skills [and] is probably going to be permanently unemployed and will probably require assisted care for the rest of his life."

Smith ruled that the total amount of the settlement would be $1,436,347.57, with $1 million contributed by two insurance companies — Wawanesa Insurance and The Co-operators.

The owners of the car driven by Burrell are contributing $140,000 and Burrell is contributing $299,375.56. Burrell sold her home to raise more than $200,000 of her share.

"While it is clear that the proposed settlement is not sufficient to fully compensate Brandon for his losses, I am satisfied from the evidence presented that this settlement is in Brandon’s best interests," Smith wrote in her decision.