Municipal elections are still three months away but with the number of councillors being cut from 23 to 16, some councillors will be campaigning in new areas.

Incumbents in the Halifax Regional Municipality are having to make some tough decisions as a result of changes to the municipal boundaries the Utilities and Review Board put in place last year.


Coun. Sue Uteck will be running in the Pennisula South-Downtown district. (CBC)

Long time councillor, Sue Uteck, is already pounding the pavement, some of which is new to her, because the district where she is running is bigger than ever and includes the downtown business sector.

"It's the commercial district where the people might work in the downtown but not necessarily live there that you have to meet and greet and get to know and see what the problems are," Uteck said. "We know that there are problems in the downtown and I look forward to helping resolve them."

With her new boundaries including the downtown, Uteck's district is infringing on another long time councillor, Dawn Sloane.


Coun. Dawn Sloane has not yet announced which district she'll run in. (CBC)

Sloane has won the Halifax Downtown district three times. The new boundary changes have essentially split her district in two.

A fourth of the downtown district, on the north side, will now be a part of Pennisula North. The rest of the district will be included in Pennisula South.

Jennifer Watts told CBC News she welcomes the change and will be running in the district now called Peninsula North.  That will cover much of the North End and will only encompass part of the district she's represented for the last four years.

"It's interesting to go back to the district that was the district of my childhood and where I grew up," Watts said. "It's a much larger area but it also encompasses so many very distinct and wonderful neighbourhoods."


Coun. Jennifer Watts will be running in the Pennisula North district. (CBC)

While Watts and Uteck have already made their intentions known, Sloane hasn't said what district she'll run in, but said she'll announce her plans in the next few days.