The Halifax Regional Municipality is promising to make it right for homeowners whose property has been damaged this winter by sidewalk-clearing Bobcat snowplows.

The sidewalk-clearing service was introduced in parts of the city this winter and there have been hundreds of complaints of damaged lawns, steps and walls.

Between Dec. 10 and Jan. 14, the city logged more than 1,500 complaints about sidewalk snow clearing. About half of those complaints came from three districts in the old City of Halifax where snow clearing was introduced this winter.

Tana Worcester said her car was struck by a hit-and-run Bobcat.

“It was Christmas Eve and we were parked on Connolly Street and we were going to the Christmas Eve service,” she said.

Worcester emerged from church to see a people standing around the vehicle’s smashed front end.

“They had seen a Bobcat go up the middle of Connolly Street, it was slippery and it had slid backwards into our car, several times, back and forth,” said Worcester.

The city said it wasn't one of their operators. The driver never came forward.

Worcester said witnesses told her differently.

“The witnesses said it looked like one of the sidewalk-clearing snowplows, similar to ones they have seen clearing the street on every snowy day,” she said.

With complaints coming in this year, HRM is reminding residents what they need to do to get damage caused by bobcats repaired. People with Bobcat-related complaints are urged to call the 311 line for follow up.

“Municipal operations will send crews out throughout the neighbourhood, they’re going to compile a list of the damage whether it’s reported through 311 or it’s something they observe themselves and that list is followed up on in the spring because generally you wouldn’t repair sods or gardens, things like that, until the ground is soft,” said HRM spokesperson Jennifer Stairs.

The city said other issues like damaged steps will be dealt with immediately.