Nova Scotia's Health minister says he's concerned some patients in the Halifax area find it more difficult to have blood work done, especially those who rely on home visits.

Wait times have increased since the Capital District Health Authority cancelled a contract with the largest independent blood service because of quality concerns.

The health authority plans to add new locations, eventually, but private clinics are not allowed to expand in the meantime to meet demand.

Health Minister Leo Glavine says he's monitoring the situation.

“If this is a service that is no longer working to support patients — well, that’s where, as minister, I may have to be involved. At the moment, I'm confident Capital Health will find a workable solution but if it doesn't happen over a period of the next few weeks, then yes, I am prepared to get more involved," he said.

Glavine says he won’t overrule Capital Health's decision, but he will ensure work is done in a safe and convenient way.