The bail hearing for the "Internet Black Widow" was postponed for a third time Friday but the list of items seized from Melissa "Millie" Weeks' home has been made public.  

Police say the search turned up a stockpile of various prescription medications.  

Among the drugs they seized were 144 tablets of the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam, 26 tablets of the anti-insomnia drug temazepam, as well as three empty pill bottles with the labels removed.

An online profile of tamazepam warns that users can fall asleep very quickly and that another side effect is memory loss.

In the Weeks home, police say they also found appointment notices and prescriptions from five different doctors, at least four of whom practice in Nova Scotia.

Police also recovered documents suggesting Weeks was using five different names, including Melissa Friedrich, the name she carried when she was dubbed the Black Widow.

Police seized a tub of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream. One of Millie Weeks' surviving husbands, Alexander Strategos, reported that she used to bring him ice cream every night and it was then that his health started to deteriorate.

Florida police believe she drugged Strategos, took control of his home and stole his life savings over a two-month period.

When Canadian police searched Weeks' Pictou County home last week, they found she had kept a copy of the Fifth Estate's online report into her exploits as the Internet Black Widow.