Dartmouth should get a hockey hall of fame to honour a league of black players from 100 years ago,a sports historian says.

The Coloured Hockey Leaguewas foundedin 1895 in Nova Scotia. Hundreds of black Canadians played on teams across the Maritimes over several decades.

In his book Black Ice: The Lost History of the Coloured Hockey League of the Maritimes, author George Fosty says the slapshot and modern goaltending techniques pioneered in the league.

"There was a gentleman named Henry Abrases Franklin that played for the Dartmouth Jubilees [and] he was actually the first goalie to go down on ice [to stop the puck]," Fosty said Thursday during a visit toDartmouth for a conference about the league.

One item up for discussion at the conference is the establishment of a black hockey and sports hall of fame.

Fosty supports the idea, particularly for the Dartmouth area. He says such a centre would benefit the local community by becoming a tourist attraction.

"It started here. Let's celebrate it and take it to the next level," Fosty said.

Conference organizer Wayne Adams found out only a couple of years ago that his grandfather, Gus Adams, played on the Halifax Eurekas in the league.

Adams said that kind of history could be highlighted.