A black bear baby boom is likely behind two recent Nova Scotia highway traffic accidents involving the animals, according to a biologist in the province.

Two colleagues at a Bedford car dealership separately struck black bears in June. One accident happened in Musquodoboit Valley and the other in Cumberland County a couple of days apart.

Traffic accidents involving bears are rare, and biologist Bob Bancroft said the two accidents are due to a very successful bear breeding season.

Bancroft said bears are having twins and triplets due to an abundance of food and low stress levels.

"It's a phenomenon that occurs with animals like deer and mammals like bear. When times are really good, they have more babies," he said.

"They will have apparently up to four. Of course, any time a biologist like me says something like that, someone will find one with five."

Neither driver was injured in the crashes. At least one of the bears shrugged off the collision; it's not known how the other bear fared.

Black bears are generally very timid creatures, backing away from humans except when their cubs are threatened.