A string of break-ins at houses under construction has prompted the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association to ask workers to be extra careful with equipment at construction sites.

Ten buildings under construction in the Governor's Brook subdivision, off Herring Cove Road, were broken into over the weekend with thousands of dollars of commercial grade tools taken, along with furniture from a model home.

Paul Pettipas, the CEO of the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association, said the group hears about more thefts at construction sites this time of year.

"Most thieves, in my opinion, are lazy. So they're going to go when the weather is good, they're going to pull their vehicles up to the unit and steal from there," he said.

Construction tool

According to the builders' association, it is common practice to leave some tools at job sites. (CBC)

Workers at the Governor's Brook site discovered Monday morning that the doors to the houses had been kicked in and several tools were missing.

In an unrelated incident, Nova Scotia RCMP arrested three men on Sunday night in a neighbourhood off Lucasville Road, where there has been an increase in break-ins at houses under construction.

Police say the men had a duffel bag that contained pry bars, bolt cutters and other items believed to be used for breaking in to homes.

Pettipas said it's common practice to keep tools at the job site.

"We try to get workers to take the tools with them," he said.

"Let's face it — you're tired at the end of the day, but you got to make it more difficult for the thieves to steal."

Shawn Kelly is a carpenter who has had his tools stolen before. He and his co-workers left tools in a friend's vehicle overnight and the next day, the windows were smashed and the tools gone.

"It's valuable. Building materials cost quite a bit and if you want a renovation, easy way to get it is to go to someone's job," said Kelly.

The Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association said it plans on addressing the problem of construction site theft at a luncheon planned for May.