Vianne Allen

Vianne Allen said she and her husband felt they were scammed by Bell Aliant after they were offered a packaged deal that the company could not honour. (CBC)

A deal offered by Bell Aliant on internet, home phone and television services turned into a disappointment for one Hants County couple after they discovered the company had sold services beyond its expansion area.

Vianne and Ken Allen live in the McGrath Lake subdivision in Upper Rawdon — a community that does not have high-speed internet.

So when a Bell Aliant sales representative came by recently and offered a package that included high-speed internet, satellite television and home phone services, it was "almost like a magical gift," said Vianne Allen.

The Allens signed up for the service, received an order number, picked a date for the satellite installation and bought a 60-inch television for $1,500.

"That afternoon, the technician phoned and said he couldn't install any bundle in this area," said Allen.

"I did feel that I got scammed. That's the only word. It was a scam."

Her husband Ken said the couple were "kind of surprised when we got that phone call."

At $99.95 a month, the Allens thought they would have improved internet connection and access to more television channels. They currently pay $150 a month for a landline through Bell Aliant and internet service through a different provider.

"This was a saving as well as a whole big service," said Vianne Allen.

'Everyone was passing the buck'

She said when the couple complained, Bell Aliant acknowledged its mistake in selling the bundle to the subdivision's residents but did not give much explanation.

"It just seemed like everyone was passing the buck and no one had an answer for it," said Ken Allen.  

In a statement to CBC News, a Bell Aliant spokesperson said the company had recently made high-speed internet service available to an additional 160 residences in Upper Rawdon — but not the subdivision where the Allens live.

"Unfortunately, while promoting the new service in that community, there was an error resulting in sales activity on two streets that were out of the expansion area," Katie Burgess, a spokeswoman for Bell Aliant, said in an emailed statement.

"Once we realized the error we contacted the affected customers. We apologize for the error and are following up on any outstanding concerns with individual customers."

Bell Aliant did not offer to honour the deal or give the Allens a discount on satellite TV service.

The couple said they will keep their new, big screen television with one channel, rather than repair the wall where it was installed. They said they've been Bell Aliant customers for decades.

"I didn't expect it from Bell Aliant," said Vianne Allen.